Are you expecting a BABY???

   Back pain in pregnancy is very common and thats no surprise really !!

The pregnancy / increasing weight / changing posture and centre of gravity / hormonal changes - all make the ligaments in the pelvic area gradually relax. This is a major contributory factor in causing back pain during pregnancy. 

  This can happen at any stage of the pregnancy during those 9 months. Some women get PGP or pelvic girdle pain while some get low back pain and some suffer with SPD symphysis pubic disorder / or some women get sciatica - some ladies suffer early in the first trimester while some at a later point in the third trimester. All this is due to changing dimensions and hormonal changes the body is going through ,and sometimes diet and lack of exercise will play a part.

   But there is an answer and RELIEF !!! Help is out there. Try practising good posture /wear comfortable footwear and regularly easy exercise like walking and swimming / aquafit or pregnancy yoga. Sleeping on you side with a pregnancy pillow would help for support as do ice packs / some prefer heat.

    Have you considered OSTEOPATHY !!  If your pains are severe and last for more than a week and the GP fobs you off with paracetomol please do consider visiting an osteopath. Osteopathy is a non-invasive safe form of treatment that can be administered during pregnancy pregnancy . It is geared to you as an individual as you progress in you journey to becoming a mum. We can ease that journey. during your visit we discuss your symptom picture and medical history and examine your lower back and pelvic joints  to assess what could be the cause of your pain. Once we reach a diagnosis we will treat you with osteopathy - tailored for your problem. Sometimes we use therapeutic ultrasound to help reliev the symptoms.

Osteopathy can also help symptoms of nausea and heartburn also - another common symptom during pregnancy.

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