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Qualified and registered since 1989

Facts about pain - pain results from tissue damage like in frozen shoulder/plantar fasciitis /sciatic pain / disc bulges etc etc

Pain is the bodies very own defence mechanism to warn us to take some action to prevent further damage and to be careful, sometime PAIN is very intense

Pain is felt when certain nerves that have detected the tissue damage send signals  to the brain and then we feel pain in a particular area or areas - after an injury / or fall or stress or some other cause.

Osteopathy breaks into this reflex by manipulating soft tissues and joints to calm the affected nervous system and hence reduce pain and allow the body to heal.

So if you suffer from any kind of pain like a headache, to achilles pain, to frozen shoulder, to period pain, to sciatic pain, to repetetive strain injury , to arthritis and joint pains - to mention a few. Consider visiting or chatting to an osteopath to discuss if it would be be right treatment for you.

At osteopathsrus we will first assess you and examine you to come to the correct diagnosis where able to and treat you accordingly.WE will give you the correct advice to help you through a pain free journey.



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